Selling on ToilBee

Selling on ToilBee as a freelancer involves showcasing your expertise and offering your services to potential clients seeking various projects. Here's a comprehensive overview of the process:

Selling on ToilBee

1. Profile Creation:
Create a standout profile using Sign up button that highlights your skills, experience, and portfolio. Include relevant information to attract potential clients. Your profile serves as your professional identity on ToilBee. 

2. Profile Update:
Update your profile with acurate information. Your authentic information will increase your client's credibility.

3. Become a Seller:
Now you go to Become a Seller from your profile dropdown menu. Than click start selling from button of the page. Than click create a new gig. Create a gig with very good information about what you want to sell.

4. Create a gig:
To create a propore gig you have to write Service title, Category, Search Tags, write some FAQ's, show your services Pricing standared, write Clients Requirements of your services and upload some portfolio image. 

5. Share gig:
After creating a gig, you can share it to different social communities or to your clients. May your service be exposed quickly.

6. Start Selling:
Start selling your services by communicating with clients using our communication tools or chat room of ToilBee.

If you need to know anything else you can contact our dedicated support team.